Islamic Iran has been the pioneer of various branches of science and technology in the world for centuries and it has since introduced hundreds of wise men to human society. But this great place regressed from producing science to mere imitation and translation of others for some reasons. Now that with the efforts of the scientists and managers of this region, an attempt has been made again to elevate that great place, some of the country's science and technology enthusiasts are determined to facilitate the difficult path of the advancement of science and technology, given the high aspiration of Iranian scientists, craftsmen, technologists, benefactors and the general public. Because they believe that gaining that magnificent grandeur and passing through this decisive historical stage is not solely possible by financial and management abilities. And, as always, it is the people who must embark on this difficult path to restore that great heritage.
Accordingly, and in order to attract public participation in social development, the " Iranians Philanthropist Association for Development of Science and Technology " has been formed to organize and coordinate the resources and facilities and volunteer forces of the people active in the development of science and technology in the country.
The headquarters of the Association is located in Pardis Technology Park and, if necessary, other centers, branches and offices in large cities of Iran or abroad, which have scientific organizations and groups and wish to participate in the activities of the society, will be stablished.
The Association is interested in collaborating with Iranian universities and research centers, scientific unions and Iranian scientists and researchers in all its activities. The association's vision is to encourage and support innovation in scientific and technological research in Iran and to develop ways and tools for coordination and collaboration between researchers and scientific organizations to apply their knowledge to serve the country's progress.